We have commissioned Eclipse to design our product range brochures for the last two years and have been impressed with the way in which they have managed to include large amounts of text-based information and still come up with a colourful and eye-catching design that is easy to follow, and that shows off our products. The service we received throughout the whole project was first class and the costs very competitive - I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

  • Chris Balls
  • Fakenham Frozen Foods
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DBA Member

The DBA is the largest organisation of its type in the world. At Eclipse Design we are delighted to be one of only 400 members, all of whom share the same set of values and beliefs:

  • A commitment to the highest professional standards for creative businesses.
  • Design should be treated as an investment which delivers a profitable return.

Leaflet Design Considerations:

Understanding the purpose of your publication and striking a good balance between text and imagery are key to the success of any leaflet design.

There are five elements that should be taken into account when designing your leaflet. We understand how these aspects fit together and can help you create an outstanding presentation:

  • Purpose – All good communications must have a purpose and a desired outcome. What do you want your brochure or leaflet to achieve? Are you looking to announce a new product to the world or are you trying to entice potential customers to try your service?
  • Audience – Who is the leaflet meant to appeal to? We have the ability to tailor everything from the font design through to borders and layouts to speak to your target audience. For instance, the layout for a leaflet publicising a garden centre will require very different features to that of a take-away menu.
  • Photography – Images are often the element of a leaflet that attracts the audience in the first instance. Photographs are an essential part of their construction and there are thousands of instances where bad photos have let down an otherwise great design. We can assist you with arranging professional photography or help you source suitable pictures where necessary.
  • Text – Any successful leaflet perfectly balances text with images. Too much text and the reader can be put off - detracting from the successful delivery of your key message. At Eclipse we can help you break down complex chunks of information into simple and easy to understand points.
  • Production Values - The final element in creating a successful leaflet is to ensure that the right production values are implemented when taking your design to the public sphere. Small factors such as the type of paper you use and your chosen finish can affect the way your announcement is viewed by your audience. We can advise you on specifications and organise samples and mock-ups of the final item.

Choosing the Shape and Size of Your Brochure

Our full and comprehensive design service will offer you all the advice you require when it comes to designing your brochure.

We can design a brochure to just about any shape and size - in accordance with modern printing and cutting options. In addition to that, we understand how both the purpose and audience can dictate the final format. It therefore pays to consider from the outset factors such as if the finished product needs to be posted or if it needs to fit inside a special distribution docket.

Over the past twenty years we have built up excellent working relationships with a number of print partners. As a result we can, where necessary, manage the entire production process of your leaflet or brochure from start to finish.

The Next Step…

So what is the next step in making your leaflet or brochure a reality?

In the first instance we always recommend a meeting where we can discuss your proposed design. This helps us to establish both the purpose of the presentation, the audience you hope to reach and the message you are looking to communicate.

To arrange a meeting please contact us via phone on 01603 409060 or email us at .

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